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Turn your cyber defense into secure confidence with VRx with ServiceNow®.

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VRx is a prescriptive revolution in vulnerability remediation.

Remediate vulnerabilities faster and more effectively with our rapidly installed express version of ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response - and gain back your confidence.

Overwhelming vulnerabilities leave you wide open to cyberthreats. Take back control of your vulnerabilities — with confidence.


Data Compromised

It’s a constant worry knowing that sensitive data or property could be compromised — who knows at what cost?

Customers Disrupted

When a breach causes system downtime and disrupts your customers, it’s a painful headache at best – and catastrophic at worst.

Revenue Decreased

The loss of money caused by a breach can be massively painful, and it’s hard to calculate just how much — you don’t want to find out the hard way.

Reputation Damaged

It can take years, even decades, to build trust in your marketplace. One catastrophic breach could undo it all — and that alone is enough to keep you awake at night.

Data Secured

Keep your data safe and secure to serve your internal customers and meet compliance requirements now and in the future.

Customers Secured

Provide excellent customer service with confidence and decreased downtime as your teams systematically defend your IT systems to keep external customers your priority.

Revenue Secured

Protect your bottom line with efficient processes to reduce costly system downtime and catastrophic security breaches.

Reputation Secured

Maintain trust in your marketplace as a company that proactively protects its customers’ data and delivers world-class customer service.

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Get started with an experienced partner to guide you.

Given the increased volume of cyberattacks, your organization must be proactively addressing vulnerabilities. With ITS Partners’ decades of experience and specialized development of VRx, we are ready to fight alongside you.

Let us guide you to a more secure, confident, and sustainable future.



Create measurable, specific, and timely goals to create effective VR outcomes.



Unify your teams to collaborate around the same process and maximize your impact.



Equip your teams with comprehensive training to remediate vulnerabilities faster.



Integrate your systems with accurate data and increase your confidence with increased visibility.



Use effective filtering, prioritization, and task assignment processes to reduce risk exposure.



Configure your data and drive efficiency in Vulnerability Response.



Access one strategic dashboard to see the complete picture of vulnerability management.

Shut out cyberthreats faster and more effectively than ever before.

After years of helping organizations overhaul their VR, ITS Partners looked at the top qualities of our most successful projects. Then, we began to ask, “What is the essential workflow that would help IT and SecOps departments rapidly optimize their vulnerability response?”

VRx is prescriptive.

Built on the powerful platform of ServiceNow, you can overcome your critical vulnerabilities faster and improve your organization’s maturity — all with a proven prescriptive approach.

VRx is flexible.

No matter what level of maturity your organization is starting from, we’ve developed four out-of-the-box solutions to take back control of your IT security.

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Baseline reduces risk exposure and promotes collaboration between security-based analysts and IT-based remediators with dedicated views of shared vulnerabilities and workflow to drive full-circle validation.




Additional features that can be selectively appended to a VRx program to provide use-case-specific functionality and create the perfect-fit solution.




Complete gives your team the functionality of Baseline and all add-ons. It lets you visualize vulnerability management of the environment for patterns, outliers, progress, and challenges to improve effectiveness so you can target unmitigated risks.


Conquer your end-end delivery with VRx for ServiceNow.

Vulnerability response builds a foundation that organizations can rely on to move forward with digital transformation initiatives. We give IT professionals the tools they need to ensure they are spending their money wisely and are getting a more secure, confident, and sustainable future.

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