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Operational Technology Management with ServiceNow®.

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Take your organization to the next level by enhancing your team with ServiceNow's OTM.

We are experts in implementing a successful ServiceNow Operational Technology Management (OTM) solution into your company's environment.

What is OT?

Operational Technology (OT) - the networks and devices that connect the machines on the production floor or in the field - lives at the heart of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Managing and securing Operational Technology is crucial to ensure reductions in unplanned downtime, protect against cyber-attacks, minimize human error and reduce costs. 

Operational Technology isn’t only for one segment of the economy or one kind of business.  While it may have been introduced as a term in manufacturing environments, the devices, tools, applications, and needs cross numerous industries such as health care, traditional manufacturing, energy production, and transportation.  

"What is the value of implementing a successful OTM program?"

Production facilities face growing cybersecurity risks – in fact, this sector holds the dubious distinction of being the most attacked industry. More importantly, production downtime can cost upwards of $18,000 per minute and a standard ransomware attack could halt operations for a week or more. 

The truth is, you can’t manage or protect your critical assets and infrastructure if you don’t know what you have, and where it is.   

Here’s how ServiceNow's OTM with ITS can help:

Unified Source of Truth

Leveraging the SN CMDB architecture and capabilities bringing your OT devices into the CMDB gives organizations the ability to unite disparate data sources of varying quality to create a consistent, reliable, and accurate system of record for the OT assets in your entire organization.


Centralized System of Action

Connecting your OT environments to the ServiceNow CMDB unlocks the power of the platform to help bring improvements and standardization across multiple disciplines and creating a single system to help improve your understanding of your entire environment… Whether it be Service Management, Security Response, Vulnerability management, Enterprise Asset Management, and others all provide clear use cases for how you can use SN to secure and manage your critical assets.


Proactive Identification of issues

Prevent cyber threats by knowing what you have in your OT environment , and what actions you can take to proactively secure your OT network from vulnerabilitiesRapidly assess, prioritize and route work for the most pressing issues and reduce your risk profile. 


Resolve Vulnerabilities

There is nothing more threatening to your organization than a cyber attack. It is important to have a plan in place and experts by your side to keep unwanted threats out and have your organization succeed.

Having an OT solution with ServiceNow in place will give you and your team confidence when faced with threats. Collaborations across teams to quickly resolve vulnerabilities and threats will keep you and your team from having to spend time worrying and more time for the more important things!