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Customer OT & Insight Planning Session

(1-Day Remote or On-Site)

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This is not a one size fits all session. The session leader will interview the team to determine the team’s knowledge level and progress and program the session accordingly. For instance, if a customer has selected a CPS tool, there is no need to spend time on that. This session is not intended to produce project deliverables like a SOW or project plan; it’s to achieve a higher level of clarity and alignment on the thinking and process to execute on OT management.


Demystifying the Management of Operational Technology (OT101)

  • Clarifying passive discovery and CPS tools. 
  • How do these tools interact with ServiceNow 
  • Understanding the Purdue model and the model standards 
  • What are the main challenges with managing OT assets?

Establishing the “Why & Who”

  • Why is the organization willing to make this investment?
  • What are the secondary priorities?
  • How is the organization going to measure its success? No KPIs yet.
  • Who are the stakeholders? Who will be impacted within the organization?
  • What is our Vision for OT? Does it extend beyond security?
  • How many quarters ahead should we consider in our discussion? 

Team Output: Show or write a “Why” statement to start using (and refining) today. This doesn’t have to be complex. 

Getting Value From the Factory CMDB Beyond the Security Use Case

  • Many customers are executing on OT management for the security use case, but it can be expanded to provide additional value across the enterprise.
  • Discuss what is possible if both connected and non-connected assets reside in a unified source of truth.
  • Understand how you can have a more valuable knowledge base if it is linked to the CMDB.
  • Discuss how the CMDB and the ServiceNow OT modules can be used to drive enterprise standards.

Understanding the Stakeholders Needs for Success & Getting Their Sponsorship 

  • How do we earn their sponsorship? 
  • Insights on Empathy and WIIFM-specific thinking 

Team Output: Specific Sponsor map identifying specific concerns and benefits for mapped sponsors

The Case For Putting ServiceNow at the Center of Your OT Strategy 

  • ITS insights on the four value streams that you should leverage if you area ServiceNow customer

Clarifying the Business as Usual Workloads of OT Management

  • What specific workloads will be changed or added to the organization? 
  • How can we prepare for those workload additions or changes? 
  • Who will be responsible for which part of the work? Not a RACI yet. 

Team Output: Simple map of potential workloads linked to sponsors or stakeholders

Alignment and Insights on The Best Plan to Move Forward or Pilot OT

  • Review Gartner’s thinking: (what part of it works, and what part does not)
  • Review ITS thinking on a better way to roll out OT Management
  • It starts by defining terms like “visibility”
  • Get alignment on an MVP
  • ITS Pilot Insights 

Team Output: Document our MVP thinking in a paragraph, and create a 5-8  step (high-level) OT implementation roadmap specific to your organization. 

Implementing and Integrating ServiceNow’s OT Applications 

  • Understand the function of ServiceNow’s OT-specific applications.
  • How do the ServiceNow graph connectors and integrations work?
  • What does it take to execute the integrations?  
  • What is required to validate that the data is accurate and complete?
  • What is required to keep the data trusted over time?
  • How can we measure the quality of the data?
  • What are the options to enrich the data?
  • What additional metadata is valuable? 

Practical Discussion About OT/IT Convergence

  • Identify existing processes you can use so you do not have to start from scratch.
  • Where process alignment makes sense and where it does not.
  • Review the relationship and interaction with the CMDB.
  • Vulnerability Response is a good use case to discuss convergence.

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