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Customer Service Management with ServiceNow®.

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Take your organization to the next level by enhancing your Customer Service team with ServiceNow’s CSM.

We are experts in implementing a successful ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) solution into your company's environment.

What is CSM?

Customer Service Management (CSM) is the coordination of activities between customer service and other teams to quickly resolve customer issues and requests.

CSM allows you to create workflows that intelligently route tasks directly to the most efficient and effective resource while maintaining visibility into the full case lifecycle.

"What is the value of implementing a successful CSM program?"

CSM promotes increased customer satisfaction through personalized self-service options, allowing the customer to reach out when they want to, and how they want to. Simultaneously, agents benefit from automation, and a visual interface to track activities, case statuses, and SLAs. Organizations enjoy improved customer interactions, reduced service costs, and a boost in resolution/fulfillment efficiency!

Here’s how ServiceNow's CSM with ITS can help:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

CSM allows you to engage your customers through personalized multi-channel and self-service options, automate common requests, and provide answers with an AI-powered chat. Decrease resolution time and handoffs through automation, proactive service, and streamlined operations.


Improve Agent Satisfaction

CSM helps enhance agent productivity and eliminate re-work with multi-tasking and an optimized layout. Automate assignments and common tasks with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Easily manage customer interactions and visually track activities, cases statuses, and SLAs. Add more value to each customer interaction!


Improve Organizational Operations

CSM improves customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, improve efficiency through automation and self-service, improve product and service quality, and enjoy increased visibility into the entire lifecycle.