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Turn your ITAM chaos into bottom line impact with HAMx for ServiceNow®.

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A prescriptive revolution in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) from ServiceNow’s trusted friends at ITS.

Quickly and easily automate the management of your entire hardware lifecycle with our rapidly installed, express version of ServiceNow’s HAM.

ITAM chaos can be a real pain in your assets.


Hardware assets should be just that — assets. But we know that ITAM chaos can wreak havoc on your entire business. For most companies, ITAM is a painful cost center, a compliance nightmare, and a security concern. HAMx is your launchpad for a successful ITAM program. 

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Increased costs hit your bottom line

The absence of visibility of your hardware assets drives up costs of new equipment, leases, and upgrades that you might not even need — across your entire organization.
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Meeting compliance should be simple

A lack of accurate, real-time reporting leads to decreased confidence in your data for compliance and audits.
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Uncertainty hangs over your IT security

Not knowing your asset position can leave you vulnerable to security breaches and your customer's data exposed.
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Managing hardware assets shouldn’t take so much time

Key employees are losing valuable time working with segregated systems and chasing down assets. It’s time that could be used to add greater value to your organization.

The overwhelming complexities of fixing your hardware asset management.

Your assets are complicated and evolving, and with gaps in data and processes, you need to make sure it stays up to date.