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Turn your ITAM chaos into bottom line impact.



ITS_HAMx_Logo 2022

A prescriptive revolution in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) from ServiceNow’s trusted friends at ITS.

Quickly and easily automate the management of your entire hardware lifecycle with our rapidly installed, express version of ServiceNow’s HAM.

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ITAM chaos can be a real pain in your assets.

Hardware assets should be just that — assets. But we know that ITAM chaos can wreak havoc on your entire business. For most companies, ITAM is a painful cost center, a compliance nightmare, and a security concern. HAMx is your launchpad for a successful ITAM program. 

Increased costs hit your bottom line.

The absence of visibility of your hardware assets drives up costs of new equipment, leases, and upgrades that you might not even need — across your entire organization.

Meeting compliance should be simple.

A lack of accurate, real-time reporting leads to decreased confidence in your data for compliance and audits.

Uncertainty hangs over your IT security.

Not knowing your asset position can leave you vulnerable to security breaches and your customer's data exposed.

Managing hardware assets shouldn’t take so much time.

Key employees are losing valuable time working with segregated systems and chasing down assets. It’s time that could be used to add greater value to your organization.

We empower your people to tackle hardware asset chaos.

Increased costs, compliance issues, and security concerns are issues for your entire organization, but with HAMx your team can tackle them head-on:


Set up your IT Director for long-term success.

ITS is made up of former IT directors who understand the weight of trying to track assets with outdated and segregated systems while balancing many competing IT priorities and budget constraints.

HAMx empowers IT Directors with a centralized solution to unify your organization's assets, provide quick ROI, and give you confidence in your asset data.


Give your asset manager the tools to win.

Manual processes, inaccurate data, and following up with stakeholders can be frustrating for asset managers who need access to a quick and accurate asset position in order to be successful.

HAMx equips asset managers by quickly giving them the real-time visibility they need, allowing them to prevent compliance issues and increased IT costs.


Equip ServiceNow® platform owners with a unifying solution.

Getting buy-in can be difficult with so many stakeholders and competing needs across your organization.

HAMx equips ServiceNow platform owners with a cost-effective solution and a fast implementation from a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner.

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HAMx is the best path to ITAM success.

Staying on top of your assets can be a real challenge, and if you don't have the right plan, chaos can easily take over. We've put together a proven plan to help you turn the page on chaos and begin a new chapter to discover savings, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Step 1

Identify your hardware assets.

Take back control by collaborating with key stakeholders to identify and create a complete picture of your assets. It can feel like a lot of work, but it beats the pain of overspend, compliance and audit issues, and the constant headache of chasing down your assets.

Step 2

Trade-in your outdated systems.

Your ITAM systems have brought you this far and may have even served you well in the past. But as your organization has changed, the IT infrastructure has changed with it. Stop accepting time-consuming workarounds and trade in your spreadsheets for smarter, faster, and more accurate solutions.

Step 3

Choose an experienced partner.

If you've lost sleep with poor IT solutions in the past, knowing how to overcome the challenges can be worrying. Rather than choosing to go it alone, find a partner with the experience and expertise to guide you - someone who will listen and understand your real IT needs and help you get back on track.

Not your average hardware asset management solution.

HAMx is prescriptive.

That means we've created a solution to get you up and running in less time, lower your costs, and provide you with quicker ROI.

HAMx is flexible.

You can choose from one of four, out-of-the-box solutions to best align with your organization's needs:

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HAMx Baseline helps to reduce unplanned spending and unnecessary purchase of new hardware assets by identifying and reusing existing hardware assets.



HAMx Refresh gives you the functionality of HAMx Baseline, while also increasing the visibility and response times of your environment and identifying unsupported loaner hardware.



HAMx Secure gives you the functionality of HAMx Baseline, while also helping your team reduce financial and security risk by avoiding unnecessary fees, protecting IP, and tracking asset end of life.


HAMx Complete gives you the most robust functionality and includes all features of Baseline, Refresh, and Secure. Reduce unplanned spending, increase response time and the visibility of your assets, and reduce financial and security risks.

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Hello, we're ITS.

We’re the ServiceNow Elite partner for businesses who want actual IT specialists to guide them all the way to real savings.

Whether you're an IT Director, Asset Manager, or a ServiceNow Platform Owner, we know what you're up against, and we've spent the last 15+ years packing our team with the industry experience you can depend on.

ServiceNow has consistently trusted us to help their clients achieve:


Successful Implementations


Accomplished Goals


Increased ROI


Decreased Costs


Reduced Risks


Meeting Compliance & Audit Requirements

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