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HAMx Videos

Quickly and easily automate the management of your entire hardware lifecycle with our rapidly installed, express version of ServiceNow's HAM. You can dive into our video series to learn all about our HAMx offering, a prescriptive revolution in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) from ServiceNow's touted friends at ITS. 


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Episode 1: What is HAMx?
A prescriptive revolution in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) from ServiceNow’s trusted friends at ITS.
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Episode 2: The Four Tiers of HAMx
HAMx is flexible. You can choose from one of four, out-of-the-box solutions to best align with your organization's needs.
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Episode 3: Baseline
HAMx Baseline helps to reduce unplanned spending and unnecessary purchase of new hardware assets by identifying and reusing existing hardware assets.
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Episode 4: Refresh
HAMx Refresh gives you the functionality of HAMx Baseline, while also increasing the visibility and response times of your environment and identifying unsupported loaner hardware.
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Episode 5: Secure
HAMx Secure gives you the functionality of HAMx Baseline, while also helping your team reduce financial and security risk by avoiding unnecessary fees, protecting IP, and tracking asset end of life.
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Episode 6: Complete
HAMx Complete gives you the most robust functionality and includes all features of Baseline, Refresh, and Secure. Reduce unplanned spending, increase response time and the visibility of your assets, and reduce financial and security risks.
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Episode 7: Do I Need HAM-P to Implement HAMx?
Access your entire asset position with ease for all your compliance and audit needs.
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Episode 8: The Benefits of HAMx
Increased costs, compliance issues, and security concerns are issues for your entire organization, but with HAMx your team can tackle them head-on.
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Episode 9: How HAMx benefits an Asset Manager
Give your asset manager the tools to win.
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Episode 10: How HAMx benefits a Procurement Manager
Equip Procurement Managers with a unifying solution.
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Episode 11: How HAMx benefits an IT Director
HAMx will bring forward a dashboard to show exactly what is going on in the organization.

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