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Innovations with ServiceNow®.

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We are experts at enabling ServiceNow to be the “single pane of glass.

Our innovations team specializes in delivering new and innovative ideas that will increase your company's output through ServiceNow.

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What is ITS Innovations?

ITS Innovations develops ServiceNow solutions with a focus on delivering intuitive modern user experiences, decreasing total cost of ownership, and ultimately making your ServiceNow instance the best “single pane of glass” possible.

ITS Innovations primarily develops apps for the ServiceNow Store, like the ITS Jamf Integration, but also develop custom portals, integrations, and business apps to help you and your users get the most value out of your ServiceNow investment. Do you have an idea you’d like realized or a complex challenge you need to overcome on your ServiceNow instance? We are your people.

"What is the value of partnering with ITS Innovations?"

We have gone through the ServiceNow Store Certification & App Development process countless times, which allows us to get through the process more efficiently than other partners or internal engineering teams. We communicate regularly with ServiceNow product teams, our own implementation experts, and ServiceNow customers to make sure we incorporate best practices and customer expectations from the initial design through the entire development process to ensure efficient development and Certification.

We also have a huge focus on User Experience - all of our integrations have Guided Setup flows and a high degree of flexibility to allow customers to adapt integrations to their needs rather than the other way around. This leads to greater customer adoption and retention rates.Our clients find success when partnering with our Innovations team, and their customers have great experiences, because we seamlessly enhance ServiceNow customers’ existing workflows, improving their experience and filling in gaps without requiring major changes to existing processes.

Here’s how our Innovations team can help:
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ITS Jamf Integration

Jamf Pro helps manage these devices - with the ITS Jamf Integration, you can automate the process of importing your asset data into your ServiceNow CMDB and remotely manage those assets from ServiceNow.

Automate policies to deliver and reclaim software, record software usage, send device lock or update commands and more!


Custom portals

In the process of boosting your organizations workflow, the ITS Innovations team can help create custom portal for your environments needs.

Looking to have an in-house point of contact that serves as access to tools such as CRM tools, important company information, and online systems. The ITS Innovations is on your side when looking to advance your environment is custom portals.



Interested in creating an integration for your ServiceNow instance? We are here to help! 

Creating a complex integration system and building a customized application is our specialty. Our integrations lead our clients to better communication.  We get our customers closer to having their ServiceNow instance being a "single pane of glass".


Service Graph Connector Development

The ITS Innovations team has developed multiple Service Graph Connectors, including several OT Certified Service Graph Connectors.

We have the experience needed to quickly design and develop Service Graph Connectors which prioritize user experience, automation, and flexible configuration options to fulfill a variety of customer use cases.


Complex challenges

The ITS Innovations is flexible. Do you have an idea you’d like realized or a complex challenge you need to overcome on your ServiceNow instance? We are your people.

We have the skill to bring your dream to life with your ServiceNow instance. 


AI: Altiris

The AI: Altiris (or “Actionable Integration”) imports computers from Altiris to the ServiceNow CMDB and enables employee self-service automation so you can eliminate manual activities like Software Delivery or Software Reclamation.