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ITS Jamf ServiceNow Integration

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Remotely automate and discover your Macs from ServiceNow.

The cost to develop your own integration could be 15x times the cost of our integration!

What is the ITS Jamf Integration?

Import hardware & software data from Jamf Pro according to CMDB and SAM-P best practices to enable your help desk and asset managers using the same tables as your other CMDB/asset integrations.

“Why should I get the ITS Jamf Integration?”

In version 2.0, you can now automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data from Jamf Pro into your ServiceNow CMDB utilizing the Jamf Pro API. You can also automate the deployment and reclamation of software using Jamf Policies*!

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Here’s how the ITS Jamf Integration can help:

Accommodates SAMP SW Metering & Reclamation

Saving 20% on Mac software spend by automating the removal of underutilized software licenses, eliminating waste safely and remotely.

Scheduled CMDB Data Import modeled after SCCM integration

Near parity between Windows and Mac hardware inventory. Accurate data can better enable ITSM and ITAM professionals when centralized in ServiceNow, minimizing access needed to Jamf or requests to Jamf admin for Mac data. Integration can be scheduled to run daily.

SAMP Software Inventory

Our integration deploys an extension to Jamf allowing Software Inventory to the level of detail and required to use SAMP. The Jamf Pro’s out of box API won’t include Software Publisher names for any titles. For example, it wouldn’t know that Adobe as the publisher of Photoshop. Our Software Inventory Policy is able to determine software publisher for most titles.

Automated software delivery

Our Integration facilitates automated fulfillment of Jamf Software Catalog Requests, potentially saving IT hours of manual work and lost efficiency due to context switching each week.

Surface Jamf Duplicates

Duplicates happen in Jamf due to certain kinds of maintenance and IT processes. These can incur additional licensing costs from Jamf, our integration is able to report on them and even gives links out to the possible duplicates for review and removal.

Ongoing Updates

We are regularly improving the integration, adding features, and ensuring compatibility for ServiceNow updates.

Jamf Extension Attributes

Any custom Jamf Extension Attributes are imported and associated to each CI in the CMDB, allowing for Jamf reporting access to ServiceNow IT users without granting them individual access to Jamf.

Custom UI / UX

Modern UI reduces the possibility of configuration errors by programmatically validating configuration settings along the way. Saves users time and money by putting all the pieces in one place.

Store Certification Best Practices

Our integration is a recommended app in the ServiceNow Store. It has to adhere to a strict set of coding standards, including requirements around security and performance. We also have a 5-star rating in the store with positive reviews from several publicly traded customers and adoption in some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Compatible with both On-Prem Jamf and Jamf Cloud out-of-box

Our modern UI makes it extremely simple to connect to Jamf Pro whether hosted in the cloud or on-prem.