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ITS JAMF Integration Videos

Remotely Manage and Inventory Your Apple Devices from ServiceNow with the ITS Jamf Integration


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Episode 1: What is the ITS Jamf Integration?
With our Jamf Integration, you can now automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data from Jamf Pro into your ServiceNow CMDB.
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Episode 2: Benefits of the ITS Jamf Integration
Learn how the ITS Jamf Integration can benefit you and your organization.
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Episode 3: How the ITS Jamf Integration is different from other offerings
An average enterprise integration can take a minimum of 3 weeks of professional services at an average rate of $8,000-$10,000 per week. See how we can help.
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Episode 4: How the ITS Integration Started
How and why it all started.

ITS Jamf ServiceNow Integration

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Hi, this is Jay and Josh!

Jay is the Director of Innovation and Josh is our Sales Specialist here at ITS Partners. We are excited in your interest for our ITS Jamf Integration. We have listened to our customers feedback and have incorporated those thoughts into the development of what the integration is today. Schedule a meeting with Josh to confirm that the tool is right for you. After your discovery call, we will do a live demo with you and your team, showing you how the ITS Jamf Integration automates and simplifies the process of importing your asset data from Jamf Pro into your ServiceNow CMDB.

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