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VRx Videos

Remediate vulnerabilities faster and more effectively with our rapidly installed express version of ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response - and gain back your confidence. Dive into our video series to learn all about VRx™.

Built on the powerful platform of ServiceNow, you can overcome your critical vulnerabilities faster and improve your organization's maturity.


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Episode 1: What is VRx?
VRx is a prescriptive revolution in vulnerability remediation.
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Episode 2: How Did VRx Start?
After years of helping organizations overhaul their VR, ITS Partners looked at the top qualities of our most successful projects.
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Episode 3: VRx vs. PVR
VRx offers multiple additions that add flexibility to the prescriptive nature of Vulnerability Response.
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Episode 4: How is VRx Different?
We have already defined the starting point and the things needed to be successful.
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Episode 5: Why Do I Need VRx?
Take back control of your IT security.
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Episode 6: Why You Should Choose VRx
VRx can reduce your risk through increased visibility, collaboration across IT and Security teams, all with an efficient and sustainable process.
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Episode 12: ServiceNow VR vs. VRx
Two pieces of the same puzzle. VRx is ITS' unique implementation methodology for Vulnerability Response.
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Episode 13: How VRx benefits a CISO
VRx allows a CISO an accurate and effective solution to identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.
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Episode 14: VRx for VR & SecOps
VRx allows the Head of IT Security to have technology and processes in place to identify and track vulnerabilities.
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Episode 15: How VRx benefits a VR Analyst
VRx allows an Analyst to assign, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.
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Episode 16: How VRx benefits a Vulnerability Remediator
VRx gives the Vulnerability Remediator one system with clear processes for tackling IT issues.

Shut out cyberthreats.
Secure your confidence.


Hi, I’m Josh!

I’m one of the VRx pros here at ITS. I can show you how VRx can help you remediate vulnerabilities faster, more effectively — and give you peace of mind — like never before.  

Schedule a quick demo, and I’ll show you how it works. 

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