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Prescriptive Vulnerability Response

Quickly achieve measurable and sustainable results from your ServiceNow Vulnerability Response program.

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What is Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™?

Vulnerability remediation is an arduous process, from tracking progress through spreadsheets and hunting for patches, to manually grouping threats and validating successful remediations - managing your vulnerability response is a pain. After years of helping organizations overhaul their VR, ITS Partners looked at the top qualities of our most successful VR projects. We began to ask, “What is the essential VR workflow that would help IT and SecOps departments rapidly optimize their vulnerability response?”

The answer is ITS Partners’ Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™ (PVR).

Unlike traditional VR implementations that have immense complexity and solve for multiple levels of maturity, our PVR establishes a baseline of measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time. It sets the stage for future advances in VR maturity. We use our years of experience in vulnerability management to thoughtfully craft a prescriptive VR implementation that eliminates the guesswork and delivers results, fast.

3 Reasons To Consider Our Prescriptive VR Approach


Measurably reduce risk in your organization by implementing a predefined VR program based on the experience & failures that other organizations have had in implementing a foundational VR program.


Recognize the value of the ServiceNow Security Operations application in a pre-defined roadmap with a clear value proposition and precise outcomes.


Through the process, gain sufficient experience and insight to determine the appropriate next steps for their organization’s VR program.

Download our free Prescriptive VR Vulnerability Response brochure.
Download our free Prescriptive VR Vulnerability Response brochure.
PVR eBook

Vulnerability Management & Response is a complicated program because it impacts so many stakeholders and organizational functions.

Our Prescriptive VR offering is a starting point to make certain that the first steps of a VR program truly reduce risk, provide operational efficiency and prepare a foundation on which additional maturity and use cases can be built. Through dozens of implementations, we have learned which outcomes and use cases are the best starting point for rapid risk reduction and a reasonable time to value.

We have packaged these into a program that includes processes, technical consulting, engagement management, ServiceNow training credits, and a delivery process to ensure that customers get the benefits of our predefined outcomes.

When our project is complete, the foundational outcome-driven program is in place. Over time,you will gain practical experience of operating the program; ITS returns to facilitate a workshop to scope the important use cases that define the next level of maturity. The customers with the greatest risk reduction, shortest time to value, and the most successful path to VR maturity do so by establishing a successful foundational program. We created this offering because we want all our customers to have access to this Elite level of success.


Upon implementation of our Prescriptive VR program, you will have:

A formal process for managing threats with streamline adoption.

An easy way to identify, analyze, and validate threats inside ServiceNow.

The ability to send and receive prioritized and grouped vulnerabilities with solution data.

The power to assign vulnerabilities to people as tasks.

The ability to organize and share threats by solution.

A clear paper trail of managed vulnerabilities for auditors.

The ability to see vulnerabilities included alongside incident, request, and change tickets in ServiceNow.

A solid foundation needed to scale your VR practices.

Weighted risk scoring and enrichment with Recorded Future©.

Prescriptive Vulnerability Response Insights

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