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Wellstar Healthcare Facility

An overhauled CMDB can do wonders for your bottom line.

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About Wellstar

Wellstar Health System is an Atlanta based non-profit health system that operates 11 hospitals and 25,000 employees, including 600 in I.T. They are a national leader in comprehensive care, serving over one million Georgia residents, with one in six residents choosing Wellstar for their care.   Wellstar I.T. ensures the highest quality of patient care by modernizing I.T. services and reducing downtime, enabling better reporting to senior management for the availability and performance of clinical applications.


We were enlisted to help:

  • Create a single source of truth for all I.T. information.
  • Achieve software and hardware compliance standards
  • Refresh their instance of Discovery
  • Remove legacy customizations that prevented automation and process improvements
  • Boost efficiency in their day-to-day practices


  • Massive CI Reduction
  • Seamless Orlando Upgrade
  • Accurate Asset Discovery
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Easy Customization Removal
  • Refined Process Automation

The Challenge

In continuing to uphold their high standards for customer care, Wellstar partnered with ITS to implement their ServiceNow products which included Service Mapping, Discovery, and a revamped CMDB.  As a result of the partnership, Wellstar realized over $500,000 in savings in one year. To learn more about the detailed outcomes that Wellstar achieved, download our customer story below.

Multifaceted ROI

These changes have improved patient care by removing distractions and unplanned downtime, enabling a shift of resources to build and maintain systems and services that enhance the experience for clinicians, patients, and families.

Total initial annual savings
Increased automation
Reduced MTTR
“When I was told that I would be in charge of redesigning and restructuring our CMDB at Wellstar, my first thought was ‘I need ITS. They are rock stars!”
Dianne K

Dianne K.
Executive Director, ITSM at Wellstar Health System


Download the full story here.