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How a National Retail Chain Cut Their Resolution Time By 60% and Saved $500,000 In Systems Costs.

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ServiceNow’s ITSM Solution – The Missing Piece for a National Retail Chain.

At its largest point, this century-old national retail chain had seen yearly revenue in excess of $1.6 billion. With close to 800 locations across 42 states, they established themselves as a recognized brand serving their customers through over 14,000 retail employees.

With a network of stores and employees as extensive as theirs, implementing and managing IT services was challenging and time-consuming, especially with outdated tools and legacy processes. Recognizing their need to improve the experience for their internal customers, they came to ITS to implement ServiceNow’s ITSM solution.


Disparate Systems and Processes Led To Poor Customer Experience and Increased Costs.

Before partnering with us, the National Retail Chain saw multiple departments utilizing different tools and processes, resulting in a frustrating customer experience and increased IT costs.

Inconsistent Departmental Processes - A lack of unified processes for handling support ticket tracking, change management, and communication lead to delayed response times.

Segregated Systems and Tools - Every department was utilizing different systems and tools, which contributed to decreased visibility, inefficient processes, and increased costs.

Inefficient Service Desk Processes - Employees were required to call the service desk to submit a ticket, which was manually entered into one system, with a follow-up email to the IT Team.

Increased Labor Burden - The need for Sales Associates to call the Service Desk to submit a support ticket contributed to increased labor costs in both retail and IT staffing areas.


From Segregated Systems to Streamlined Success

Knowing ServiceNow’s ITSM solution would help them to increase efficiency and customer experience, ITS set to work helping them improve in the following key areas:

A Unified Service Management Solution

National Retail Chain set out to unify segregated systems and streamline processes through successful implementation of ITSM.

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Increased Visibility Of Incidents

So they could provide an effective IT support process, their team was trained to deliver increased visibility and prioritization of IT incidents.

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Streamlined Support Ticket Processes

To deliver superior customer service, they were able to maximize the ITSM solution and build efficient and effective IT support processes.

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View the customer success story that lead this organization to success.

View the customer success story
Shopping District

"ITS understands and grasps the changes to the platform as they roll out. They helped us by listening, and helped us understand what the tools are built for, and how to embrace best practices… They were truly the trusted partner and I could confidently hand off my team to work with them."


VP, IT Service Delivery, National Retail Chain


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