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How a Large Financial Services Organization Saved $500,000 Using ServiceNow’s SAM Tool

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Established Financial Service Brand Recognizes the Need for Software Asset Management

As a large financial services company with a household name, operating in over 11,000 locations around the world, their goal is to provide expertise and world class customer care. Today, with over 3 billion dollars in yearly revenue, they are one of the most recognized brands in North America.

With an enormous organizational reach, managing a large catalog of software assets can be burdensome and costly without the right tools. While this company is always the provider of accurate world class financial services to their customers, it was time for them to make an internal investment. They asked ITS to be their ServiceNow® partner to deliver an accurate, effective, and cost-saving Software Asset Management solution.


Software Uncertainty

Prior to partnering with ITS, a lack of visibility into their software assets led to uncertainty with compliance, risk, and increased costs. Their Asset Manager asked frequent questions:

  • Which of our assets has important financial data that is at risk of being exposed?
  • To whom do those assets belong?
  • Are we still paying for software that is no longer being used?
  • Are there opportunities for cost savings through the reclamation of licenses?

Closing the Gap of Uncertainty with SAM

After assessing their software uncertainties, ITS helped them to shape their goals and begin to formulate a clear picture of a preferred future. They set out to achieve these five specific goals:

  1. Reduce ineffective use of IT assets
  2. Reduce time to deliver services
  3. Eliminate uncertainty about the IT asset portfolio
  4. Effectively manage the distribution of IT assets
  5. Reduce compliance risks

View the customer success story


Innovative Systems, Decreased Costs, and Increased KPI’s

With a strong partnership with ITS, this large financial services company has taken back control of its software assets, saved on costs, and closed the gap of uncertainty in relation to risk and compliance. Here are some of the benefits from a successful partnership and SAM implementation. Download the full story to see all the benefits.

Cost Avoidance

With SAM they reallocated licenses and avoided purchasing additional licenses, leading to $500,000 of cost avoidance in the first 6 months.

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Increased Visibility

Accessing their asset position is now a simple process, allowing them to centralize who is managing software and what software is not being used, and quickly providing stakeholders access to software license data.

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Standardized Onboarding

Now that they have a standardized onboarding and off-boarding workflow, they can be confident software assets are being fully used. This is especially important for this organization, with the constant influx of seasonal employees.

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View the customer success story that lead this organization to success.

View the customer success story

“This journey has allowed us to close the gap of uncertainty. This has been a marathon, not a sprint. Coming into this, my knowledge of software asset management was limited. They started at our level with hard use cases and the soft use cases, and from there we learned how to understand and assess what was needed. They showed us how to successfully manage the license position of over 1,000 software titles within the platform.”


John J.
Infrastructure Leader, Head of the ServiceNow® Asset Management Team


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