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How Huntington Bank Turned IT into a Driver of Organizational Growth

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As one of the largest banks in the midwest, Huntington Bank’s 15,000 employees serve millions of customers in over 900 branches across the midwest. Through planning, hard work, and a laser focus on their goals, Huntington’s IT department has completely revolutionized their contribution to the organization and is now a key reason for the bank’s rocket growth in recent years.

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How did a national bank turn IT into a driver of organizational growth?

Since partnering with ITS, Huntington Bank’s strategic alignment, departmental unity, and technological maturity have led to game-changing insights that are guiding the organization to greater success.  Read Full Story →


Manual and Decentralized IT — An Uphill Battle

Needless to say, the support of a strong IT department is critical to the success of an organization this large. But similar to many organizations their size, Huntington’s IT department faced some significant challenges.

Viewed as a Ticketing Tool

ServiceNow had been implemented several years ago and was viewed only as a ticketing tool. They did not consider it a system of record, and the full value of the ServiceNow platform was not being leveraged.

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Absence of Discovery Tools

All CMDBs required manual, hand keyed data entry, significantly increasing the risk of inaccuracies and eliminating the possibility of real-time information.

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Massive AuditPrep Effort

Because of the decentralized and hand-maintained CMDBs, audit prep required all CMDB owners to stop their daily tasks and focus on manually pulling and comparing data, racking up thousands of hours of tech debt.

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Real, Measurable Outcomes

While Huntington is dedicated to continually improving its IT infrastructure and workflows, there have been some remarkable outcomes from its efforts thus far.
Green Hardware Disposal - Much like license management, Huntington centralized ownership of the disposal process. Now, vendors solicit the best price for disposal and can now resell or recycle items, reuse parts, or donate devices to their community.
Increased Automation - Huntington has eliminated much of the strenuous and inaccurate hand-keyed processes and can now automate the fulfillment of the majority of requests that come down the pipeline.
Significant Cost Savings - After implementation, Huntington saw skyrocketing cost savings and cost avoidance within their asset management program. Software reclamation alone ended up saving them the annual salary of one FTC. Communicating the significant ROI to leadership gave them the green light to self-fund other asset management initiatives.
On-demand Reports - The team can now report on the status of any workload within IT at any given time. This helps IT build significant trust with leadership as they can share a tactical roadmap for their maturity and a real-time status report on their execution of that roadmap.
Streamlined License Management - With the CMDB in place, managing licenses is now totally centralized, giving the SAM team total authority on every software decision, leading to incredible cost savings for each department
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“It was never about hours or dollars with ITS, it was about being successful and being an integrated part of the team to ensure success. ITS truly wants to make you successful and the knowledge they bring to the table is second to none. ITS lives and breathes the products they are there to support and the engagement created raving fans with my team.”

John Mingus

John M.
IT Service Delivery Director, VP ServiceNow and Colleague Solutions
Huntington National Bank


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