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HFHS Hospital

Henry Ford Health System cut its audit prep by 50% using ServiceNow's Software Asset Management.

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About Henry Ford Health System

As one of the nation's leading health care providers, Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in Detroit, Michigan has built their renowned practice upon the mission of improving lives through excellence in the science and art of health care and healing. Comprised of hospitals, medical centers, and one of the nation's largest group practices, HFHS employs over 30,000 employees, making them the fifth-largest employer in metro Detroit.


ITS was commissioned to:

  • Improve asset management.
  • Mitigate risks.
  • Help them understand their software contracts and licensing.
  • Reduce the amount of time reporting vulnerabilities.

Highlights from the project:

      • Increased efficiency
      • Significantly reduced risk
      • Massive cost savings
      • Compliance confidence
Inside of a hospital

Outdated Software Asset Management: A chink in the Armor

Henry Ford Health System was underutilizing the full capability of ServiceNow, leading to some key issues:

Legacy Processes

With the ever-increasing challenges of an outsourced IT department, HFHS found themselves constrained by antiquated and time-consuming processes.

Lengthy Audit Prep

Preparation for software audits was taking the HFHS team up to 6 months of labor-intensive planning.

Manual Asset Tracking

HFHS tracked their software assets manually in spreadsheets, a process that took hundreds of hours of data entry and left them dangerously exposed to compliance risks.

The Challenge

HFHS enlisted our help to improve asset management and mitigate risk knowing that an effective IT management system could ultimately lead to saved lives, and we went to work. In a matter of weeks, they identified several key areas prime for immediate and significant improvements.

Lifecycle Management

ITS enabled tracking and management of end-to-end lifecycle for software licenses, hardware assets, and cloud, all on one platform.

Software Reclamation

ITS optimized licensing by reassigning, reclaiming, and revoking software allocations for users or devices via an automated workflow.

Blacklisting Software

ITS ensured compliance by identifying unauthorized software and taking the appropriate steps for removal.

Audit Anxieties Become a Thing of the Past

Since their partnership with ITS began, HFHS has significantly improved their efficiency and gained a deeper understanding of their software contracts and licensing, putting their compliance anxieties to rest.

Office Environment

ITS provided a very good partnership, strong relevant experience, and the willingness to put in the extra effort to help the Henry Ford Health System team be successful...We believe ITS' involvement greatly added to our ability to meet all our goals. THANKS!

Patrick Anderson

Patrick A.
MSIS, PMP, Productivity Solutions HFHS Corporate IT
Henry Ford Health System


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