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Fritz Byam

President & Chairman of the Board

Fritz Byam joined ITS Partners in 1998. He was one of the core team members who founded ITS Partners, L.L.C. in 2007. He served as the C.O.O. and now champions company culture, vision, and strategy as the President and C.E.O of ITS Partners. ServiceNow appointed Fritz to Partner Advisory Council as a credible and valued speaker in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Fritz is responsible for fully transitioning the business to ServiceNow solutions and established ITS as one of 10 Elite Partners managed in the world.

Before joining ITS, Fritz was a global manufacturing leader for Unilever, setting the precedence for his foundation in leadership. His decade long work at Unilever’s largest production plant is best summarized from an excerpt published via Bloomberg.net detailing U.S. productivity: “From 1994 to 2001, Unilever cut the cost of making a case of liquid soap by 45 percent even as output increased 241 percent as the company closed other plants and shifted production to this facility.”

Fritz is a Michigan State University alumnus. When not advocating for ServiceNow and his dynamic team at ITS, he can be found at home in his workshop or spending time in his apple orchard.

Last residence before West Michigan: New York City

Family custom: 100-year tradition of working together to make maple syrup each spring

Notable hobby: Woodworking