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Chris Haughey

Chief Executive Officer

With a dynamic career marked by visionary leadership and strategic business growth, Chris stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem. Chris brings years of experience from SAP, where he honed his expertise in software solutions and corporate strategy. His tenure at SAP was distinguished by a profound understanding of complex business processes and a knack for driving technological advancements.

Chris's journey also includes a pivotal role as a Global Vice President for Medius where he was instrumental in expanding their North American operations and strategy around procurement, pay and supply chain initiatives. His leadership in this position was characterized by a keen focus on transformative growth, skillfully navigating the company through the intricacies of international business expansion and cultural integration.

At the core of his experience is a commitment to leading successful organizations through transformative growth phases. He has been a driving force behind several high-stake acquisitions, seamlessly integrating new ventures and guiding them towards unified success. His global perspective, combined with a deep understanding of market dynamics, has enabled him to effectively lead organizations in scaling new heights.

Chris believes in setting a vision that motivates and empowers, while also focusing on tangible results. This approach has been crucial in breaking through revenue ceilings and fostering an environment of continuous growth and innovation.

As the CEO of a cutting-edge technology company, Chris continues to inspire his team with a blend of professional acumen and personal charisma. Under his guidance, the company is poised to redefine industry standards and emerge as a leader in the technology landscape.

Fun Facts:

If he has to karaoke - it's Boyz II Men, End of the Road. 

Favorite Teams: Liverpool FC, Detroit Lions, & Michigan - Go Blue!

For me, ITS sets the bar for personal and professional growth. The amount of expertise, innovation and opportunity that resonates throughout the walls here is absolutely electric.