Live Webcast: Don’t lose your job over Windows 10

When: Thursday, May 4, 11:00 AM (EDT)

If your organization has already completed the migration to Windows 10, there’s really no reason to attend this webcast.


However, if you’re unsure, stuck or frustrated, this event is for you. Like… specifically you.

2 million and counting…

Over the past several months, we’ve set migrations in motion for over 2 million endpoints. This is a big enough sample size to draw some relevant conclusions and we think it’s time to raise the community consciousness around this set of challenges.

If you’re a CIO and you’re not personally involved in your Windows 10 migration, you’re at risk right now. Microsoft is following through on the positions they’ve staked out and the safe havens you thought would be there are gone.

Many organizations assume this migration is the same old refresh cycle they know very well, but the couldn’t be more wrong.

Need more evidence to make this 30 minute webcast?

You already know the endpoint is the number one exploit vector. Wherever end user fingertips touch, they’re going to test your security posture. Windows 10 provides you the best possible footing for security at the endpoint and we find most organizations don’t even know about all the new capabilities at their disposal.

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