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Troy Whittaker

Chief Operating Officer

Since joining ITS in 2010 as an Altiris engineer, I’ve done everything from lead the engineering team to serve as the vice president of systems management. My strength through it all? People management. I’m big on visualizing data to make better, data-driven decisions, and ITS is an environment where I can see my ideas put into production and watch how they impact the business. To sum it up I am the Chief Integrator for the ServiceNow Elite Partner.

Away from the office, I’m a big explorer, outdoors enthusiast, and reader. Weekends find me with my wife, daughter, and dog relaxing outdoors, seeking out unique restaurants and local craft beer, and getting away from the rest of the world. I am a Sigma Chi and serve on the board of the Caledonia Education Foundation.

I used to have long hair. Like really long. Like Jay Wigard.

Bam Bam Bigelow is my cousin.

We have good days and even hard days, but no bad days.


Troy's Thought Leadership