Productive Systems Management

Break free of the mundane with Productive Systems Management from ITS.

Systems Management is one of the most critical functions in IT Management but teams are all-to-often stuck in the mundane. They are spending more and more time just trying to maintain the health of their platform and not enough time leveraging their platform to deliver value to the organization.

Productive Systems Management is a new service from ITS that allows you to use your Systems Management platform as a service rather than managing it on-prem.

  • Spend less time maintaining the tool and more time using the tool to deliver value
  • Use a consistently reliable platform that is always working when you need it to get your job done
  • Leverage the software and tools you have already licenses
  • Manage your costs with simple per-user subscription model

Available Now: ConfigMgr-as-a-Service

ITS is bringing ConfigMgr to Azure in a subscription service model. This customizable service brings together elements of Configuration Manager, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Azure to provide a solution that can manage any device, anywhere.

The service features are designed around the most important outcomes needed to make systems management as productive as possible:

Best Practice Policies

  • Out of the box, your tools will be configured to follow best practice of systems management
  • Less time is spent figuring how which checkboxes to check and which dials to turn

Total Configuration Management

  • Onboard and support any device users bring to the enterprise
  • No device form factor, operating system, or use case is left unmanaged
  • Less time is spent onboarding new devices

Predictable Application Delivery

  • Successfully deliver apps to users so they always have what they need to stay productive
  • Deployments stay on schedule because the platform is reliable
  • Less time is spent troubleshooting problems during deployments

Right-Sized Architecture

  • Automatically scales your architecture to fit your need infrastructure and bandwidth needs
  • Infrastructure is less stressed because it can scale up to meet peak need
  • Less time is spent maintaining Distribution Point health and stability
  • Costs are lower because infrastructure can scale down when idle

Automated Administration

  • Routine, time-consuming task of maintenance and health check is no longer a manual effort
  • The health and stability of the platform can be trusted because the right maintenance always happens when it should
  • Less time is spent on routine work – freeing your team up for more important tasks

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