Actionable Integration: Altiris is designed to help alleviate the challenge of real-time, automated request fulfillment.

The current online consumer shopping experience sets an expectation of immediate delivery upon request. However, most IT organization lack the automation and integration to meet these expectations; instead, they rely upon manual action to fulfill the employee's request.

AI: Altiris offers a solution that solves this issue with an actionable integration between ServiceNow and Altiris. This integration allows for the import of Altiris Configuration Item data into ServiceNow as well as the automation of Altiris tasks called from ServiceNow. The integration is compatible with Altiris.

*Subscription includes basic implementation and support. 

Key Features

Automate Altiris Tasks with Actionable Integration

  • Automatically install software upon a Service Catalog request
  • Trigger computer reboots from an Incident
  • Force client configuration update from a Computer record
  • Software installations initiated on a Computer from an Incident

Import Altiris Computer Configuration Items (CIs) to the ServiceNow CMDB in the following classes:

  • Computer
  • Disk
  • Network Adapter
  • Software

Execute Altiris tasks on managed computers imported from Altiris:

  • from a Service Catalog Item
  • from a link within an Incident record

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