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Josh Bernson

Chief Technology Officer

I’ve been with ITS since 2006, when I kept bumping into them at conferences in Florida even though they were right down the street from me in West Michigan. Why am I happy here? A lot of it has to do with people and culture. I need to continually be learning something new. I love a challenge, and I think of my job as a puzzle to be solved. That’s no surprise; I’ve been a gamer since middle school, used to participate in large anime conventions, and once showed a movie I created to 3,000 people to get their reactions.

Outside of the office, I’m often playing video games or spending time with my wife and two kids at home. I’m the founder and president of a local Japanese cultural club, and I still enjoy Dungeons and Dragons with co-workers.

Secret obsession: Dungeons and Dragons

Notable hobby: Built first computer at age 16

How he found ITS: Recognized our mints at an Altiris conference in Orlando