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Josh Bernson

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Bernson joined ITS Partners in 2006 as an Automation and Workflow Specialist. He led a team focused on this effort, moving to Vice President of Automation Technologies. Josh took on the role of Chief Technology Officer (C.T.O.) in 2015, advising the organization on industry trends, working with customers on long-term strategy, and developing ITS’ next offerings. Josh started his I.T. career through tactile means by building his first computer; primarily a solo excursion. After a stream of schoolmates asked for their own, he started a company, Reflex Computers. College refocused his interest in science. The rigor Josh gained from his time at Grand Valley State University sharpened his problem-solving and decision-making approach.

Josh has spoken at more than a dozen conventions and event gatherings throughout his time at ITS, presenting topics like organizational risk management and workflow error prediction logic. Josh is a founding member and former president of GRAAC and a previous JAFAX convention leader, having organized and presented at the event in conjunction with Grand Valley State University. Additionally, he presented animation history and technical panels at Chicago’s Anime Central convention from 2008 to 2013.

In his idle time, Josh is an author of fiction and non-fiction prose, with short stories published with World Anvil. His character-driven narratives range from postmodern fantasy to history time capsules.

Secret obsession: Dungeons and Dragons

Notable hobby: Built first computer at age 16

How he found ITS: Recognized our mints at an Altiris conference in Orlando