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ITS Jamf Integration

Jamf Pro helps manage these devices, but the process to import hardware and software into ServiceNow can be painful without the right integration.

With our Jamf Integration, you can now automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data into your ServiceNow CMDB.
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AI: Altiris

Actionable Integration: Altiris is designed to help alleviate the challenge of real-time, automated request fulfillment. The current online consumer shopping experience sets an expectation of immediate delivery upon request.

However, most IT organization lack the automation and integration to meet these expectations; instead, they rely upon manual action to fulfill the employee's request.

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What is ITS Innovations?

ITS Innovations develops ServiceNow solutions with a focus on delivering intuitive modern user experiences, decreasing total cost of ownership, and ultimately making your ServiceNow instance the best “single pane of glass” possible.

We primarily develop apps for the ServiceNow Store, like our ITS Jamf Integration, but also develop custom portals, integrations, and business apps to help you and your users get the most value out of your ServiceNow investment. Do you have an idea you’d like realized or a complex challenge you need to overcome on your ServiceNow instance? We are you're people.

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