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Chad Dupin

Vice President of Marketing

I’ve been working in the marketing role at ITS since right out of college, and I can say truthfully that I’ve woken up and dreaded going to work fewer than ten of those days. I get to do what I love every day: be part of a growing company where I have unique opportunities to try different things with an incredibly creative group of people. The culture here lets me take advantage of the right people and use their strengths to run projects well and solve problems collaboratively – and the work-life balance I’ve found can’t be beat.

Outside of work, I serve on the boards of Spring Hill Camps and Cornerstone Enactus and have been involved in several other non-profit faith-based ventures. Most weekends, you can find me with my wife and two daughters hanging out in East Grand Rapids, skiing, traveling, or on a lacrosse field. We make it a priority to create experiences together. You know that guy embarrassing his kids by taking drone footage of the school fun day, then creating a time-lapse video out of it? That’s me.

Travel stats: Been to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington; has filled two passports

Favorite movie: Tommy Boy

Secret obsession: Has a massive collection of Christmas inflatables that are quarantined to the back yard.

UI/UX Design
Joke Teller