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Eric Roberts

Business Process Consultant

15 year career as a cybersecurity professional serving customers across a wide array of business sizes and technologies. Starting in the United States Marine Corps as a network and server administrator, found a knack for cybersecurity and began specialization early in IT Career. Since leaving the Marine Corps have earned a degree in IT and Cybersecurity as well as a CISSP certification. Have continued career working as a Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Analyst, and as a Manager of Cybersecurity people. Now thrilled to be sharing knowledge and experience with clients as a Business Process Consultant with ITS Partners.

I love to snowboard, I have a split-board which is a snowboard that splits in half I use it to ski uphill with "skins". Then I put it together and the top and snowboard down!

I have two dogs who are crazy and have a ton of energy! My wife and I run marathons with them but they are still hyper after!

ITS has shown me a career path that allows me to share my unique experience and knowledge while continuing to learn and grow!