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Ashley Mathews

Resource Manager

Consulting Engineer 2+ years. SAM, HAM, SAMP, CMDB, SIR, VR

Engagement Manager 1 year Lead teams from start of implementation to completion.

Resource Manager >1 year. Projects and Schedules, Reporting and Communications, Business alignment and Utilization.

CIS Asset, CSA, IT Fundamentals, ITIL, Certified ITIL foundations, SAIF

Fun Fact: At 19, I joined the Navy as a Cryptologic Technician, with an interpretive focus in Korean language: I speak Korean.
After I got out, went to University of Hawaii, finishing my BA in 2 years. Then explored my interest in IT. My only ‘kid' is a cat named Thor.

Joshua's ServiceNow Profile

ITS has given me more clarity on what I enjoy and find rewarding, and has helped me develop determination in my pursuits. Being a small but incredibly successful company means that I have had the opportunity to see and learn from nearly every aspect in the business. This view, combined with the view of our corporate clients have provided has shown both ends of the spectrum. ITS has also provided a great learning experience, promotes advancement, and has an amazing culture.