Managed Services by ITS

Managing and protecting your critical IT assets is a tough job. To compound the issue, many times the solutions required to address these needs depend upon highly specialized skill sets and processes. Both of which can be in short supply as organizations deal with doing more with less.
Fortunately ITS can help! Please join us for a webinar on how ITS Managed Services can help you realize your goals for Securing Infrastructure, Protecting Information, and Automating IT Processes using solutions by:

  • Symantec
  • ServiceNow
  • Microsoft

Learn how you can receive assistance with your Symantec Solutions from ITS Support.

As the responsibilities of IT Departments continue to expand, there is a growing need. You purchased Symantec software, and while it seems to be working fine, you may find yourself and/or your company looking at one of three different scenarios.

  • First, you know the software is working correctly. However, you know the software is also capable of more and there are additional benefits available if you had the knowledge and/or time to dedicate to this.
  • Second, it seems like the software is working correctly, and you really have no idea if there are other benefits available.
  • Third, the software is functioning correctly, but it does not seem to be fitting well in your environment or with your current processes.

The Support and Engineer Team at ITS contains over 40 experts in all things Symantec. We understand these scenarios and the frustrations they can cause. In this short webcast, we will review how ITS can provide assistance to you and your team in all three of these areas.