Symantec ATP 2.0.2 Update

In this quick update our risk management expert, John Higday, highlights the updates in ATP 2.0.2 which provides IT security teams with the best visibility in their endpoint environment.

Advanced Threat Protection – Expose, prioritize, and remediate sophisticated advanced attacks across endpoints, networks, and email, from one single console.

Download our ATP white paper at here.

So you bought the full suite of Symantec DLP, now what?

Navin Deen, Privacy Architect with ITS Partners, reviews the various Symantec DLP modules and address key considerations for design and sizing the DLP system in your environment.

Learn more about core detection technologies and implementation best practices derived from years of experience.
Designing and Architecting your DLP infrastructure requires 3 things:

1) Deep knowledge of the tool itself
2) Familiarity with client-side infrastructure
3) Understanding of organizational goals

Symantec DLP modules covered:
1) Network Discover
2) Endpoint Prevent
3) Network Monitor
4) Network Prevent for Email
5) Network Prevent for Web

Is 2016 the year for ransomware?

Customers ranging from SMBs to Large Enterprises showed renewed focus to keep malware at bay in 2015.

Threat protection roadmaps are also proving that organizations need to be able to detect malware quickly across multiple control points, combined with a layered approach to sniff out malware that’s either hard to detect or coming into the organization in ways that are different than before.
Although ransomware already had our attention, it recently it got “very real” for a California hospital who’s network was held hostage and kept offline for over a week! Stakes are going up and it seems like all company sizes and verticals are at-risk.

While we attempt to educate user’s awareness about today’s threats and their role in helping keep themselves and the company safer, the need for better technical controls to address the gap is very real and ever increasing.

Learn how ransomware has evolved, but more importantly, better understand what it takes to minimize it’s likelihood in your environment leveraging your existing Symantec investments from the experts at ITS Partners.

Advanced Threat Protection

Identify, prioritize and remediate today’s threats, leveraging your existing Symantec solutions

Today’s threat environment is evolving at a remarkable rate as cyber criminals improve their ability to change and adapt. With today’s growing number of targeted attacks, it has become virtually impossible to block every threat before it reaches your network. It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll suffer a malware outbreak or data breach, but when. Unfortunately, most businesses are not very good at detecting and responding to these malware attacks when they happen:

Stats about Advanced Threats

  • Advanced attackers targeted 5 out 6 large companies in 2014 (Source: Symantec 2015 ISTR)
  • 66% of all breaches went undetected for more than 30 days (Source: Verizon Breach Report)
  • On average, data breaches were detected 243 days after they happened (Source: Ponemon)
  • And the average data breach takes 4 months to remediate (Source: Mandiant ATP 1 Report)

Watch this presentation and demo where existing Symantec Endpoint Protection customers will realize how to shift from a “protection only” mindset to a more comprehensive approach to detect quickly, prioritizes what matters most and remediate fast!

Rolling Out Strong Authentication: Symantec VIP v9.6

  • Are you implementing with compliance in mind, aiming to protect information?
  • Will it go beyond VPN and embrace the mobile workforce?
  • How do you avoid burdening the IT staff or end users?

The consequences of inadequate security are pretty well understood today. Penalties for regulatory noncompliance, loss of confidential information or damage to brand are also top concerns for organizations. But, while many organizations are locking doors with security safeguards such as firewalls and IDS, they are inadvertently opening windows to corporate information via mobile devices, rogue clouds and web 2.0 apps.

A 2FA solution must not only provide high levels of protection, it should be adaptive, easy to manage as well as easy to use.

In this video we will dive deep into the 3 key things you should consider when attempting to solve the challenges of strong authentication for your organization. Solution Spotlight will be Validation and Identity Protection (VIP), a market leading 2FA solution offered by Symantec.