Video: Overcoming Roadblocks to DLP Maturity

If you’re wondering why you still aren’t seeing the value from your DLP investment or can’t seem to move up the maturity scale, you need to watch this video. Many organizations invest in a DLP solution thinking that it will simply plug into their environment and begin preventing data loss. Not true. As with most IT investments, there is more to solving the problem than simply buying a tool.

In this webinar we’ll highlight the common mistakes we see organizations make once the dust has settled with an initial DLP implementation. That said, we don’t want to just describe problems without providing solutions! As we discuss the common mistakes made when managing DLP, we’ll also describe how ITS can help you move past those issues and achieve the outcomes you have hoped and dreamed of.

The Migration to the Cloud Office is underway

The world is changing. We are entering another era of IT, where enterprises are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way their workforce consumes technology.

Personally owned devices ubiquitously connected in today’s world, are giving way to cloud-based applications and repositories in almost every region and vertical. The shift of workloads to cloud applications such as Office365, Google Drive, Box, etc are demanding that enterprises become even more flexible and agile, to enable employees to collaborate, yet keep risk low.

Traditional IT infrastructure is going to experience significant extension, but could benefit greatly if one enables the productivity gains offered by cloud apps and services. They’ll also get critical visibility and control of how they are being used. The security challenges posed here are addressed with a new technology known as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

A CASB solution extends your DLP initiative and MORE:

Identifying and evaluating all cloud apps in use
– Extending current security policies into cloud apps and services
– Encrypt or tokenize sensitive content to enforce security policy
– Detect and block unusual account behavior, like malicious code
– Integration with existing security solutions

There is no longer an inside or outside of the network and the cloud will eventually be every organizations de facto extended enterprise.

In this new reality, security must follow the data, the application, and the user. Join Matt Reid, VP of Risk Management, ITS Partners and Symantec to understand drivers in the industry around productivity and protection and how to embrace the Cloud Generation.

Microsoft + Symantec- A Next Generation Approach to Securing Users and Their Devices

Today’s cyber risks are forcing organizations to not only leverage technology, but also purchasing power through enrollments and new licensing programs.

Keeping the bad stuff out and the good stuff in has never been more critical, but how does one make sense out of the developing technologies, mergers and costs associated with buying and owning them? Companies are facing difficult decisions in where to leverage complementary solutions from Microsoft to support their investment in Symantec.

Matt Reid, VP of Risk Management and Troy Whittaker, VP of Systems Management at ITS Partners will discuss trends seen in the marketplace with organizations who face this challenge. ITS has helped many organizations through this decision process and we will share our insights and experiences with you!

This video will focus on the following areas:

Delve into users, devices, threats, assets and practical strategies surrounding them
Maximize your investments in Windows, Azure and Office 365
Infrastructure consolidation and the opportunity to migrate it to the cloud