The ITS Support Team consists of experienced engineers focused exclusively on Symantec Endpoint Management, Security and Workflow solutions. Their collective goal is to improve the business performance of your Symantec solution. Our traditional and configuration specific support offerings ensure that your software and processes are optimized for your unique environment.

ITS Support Quick Facts

  • Goes beyond traditional support.
  • Experienced team of over 40 engineers.
  • Dedicated support phone number and email.
  • Member of the Symantec Technical Assistance Partner Program (TAPP).

Traditional Support

Support options include traditional support for issues with platform, including troubleshooting customizations with workflows. While support is available from Symantec, we can give you personalized attention, taking into account industry specific questions or understanding what we did during the engagement, plus knowledge gained while working at a variety of customers.

  • Perfect for business critical solutions
  • Our “Configuration Specific” supports goes beyond traditional support
  • Help ensure your Symantec solution is optimized for your environment
  • Over 40 engineers to solve issues
  • Dedicated phone and email
  • Eight business hour SLA
  • Direct access to Symantec Level 2 Support

Remote Platform Administration

With scheduled time from 4 hours a month to 8 hours a week, ITS will do the work of a Platform administrator.

  • Dedicated engineer
  • Assistance if you do not have time to manage your Symantec environment
  • An “extra hand”
  • Pre-scheduled time from four hours a month to eight hours a week

Managed Services

If you are interested in managed services by ITS, you can visit our managed services page to see more information on how ITS can manage your infrastructure and reduce your company overhead.

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