Managing From The Cloud.  Managing your endpoints can be a costly expense when you factor in hardware, licenses, staff, and your time spent maintaining the system. By using a Symantec EMM solution in the cloud, you can not only reduce your costs, but increase the effectiveness of your endpoint management system. ITS can provide this infrastructure and manage it for you, eliminating the traditional overhead in maintaining a well-managed Symantec EMM environment. Scalability and performance are guaranteed by using our extensive experience in designing and implementing Symantec EMM solutions for customers of all sizes in every market.

This managed service has two main components, the Symantec Endpoint Management (EMM) core infrastructure management and scoped EMM administration.

Managed Core Infrastructure

ITS manages all the functional aspects of the EMM environment; this includes set up, setting management, scheduled updates, and scheduled performance checks. ITS ensures that the core solution is functioning at an optimal level.

EMM Administration

For the EMM administration portion of the service, ITS performs the daily administration tasks that are required to satisfy your endpoint management needs in the areas of patch management, software delivery and asset management. A detailed list of exactly what we provide as standard is included below. We can also develop and price a solution that is customized to your specific needs. The solution can be provisioned in two ways; on the customer premise with customer managed servers or as a fully hosted solution with servers managed by ITS.

Optional Enterprise Integration

  • Active Directory – Import computers and users from your existing Active Directory domain
  • Local Package Delivery – Store package files on-site to minimize WAN traffic
  • Data Connector – Import or export data from other systems to use in the Altiris CMDB

Key Features

  • Simplicity and Speed – Quickly implement without purchasing any certificates, licenses, or hardware
  • Secure – SSL encryption is used throughout for both administration and management of endpoints
  • Automation – Self-service portal for users to initiate software installations
  • Customized – Key features are configured specifically for your environment
  • Reporting – IT Analytics and the built-in reporting engine provide the data you need
  • Support – Flexible support options give you access to our engineers and keep you updated on the latest features

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